20 Easy Ways to Boost Your Memory



If you or a loved one is aging, you are probably interested in your memory or ways to enhance their memory.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, memory loss is usually one of the first signs of other cognitive impairment or decline.

Our memory is very important to us. We need our memory to remember essential parts from our past, whether they occurred a few seconds ago, or years ago. In general, our memory will certainly decrease, causing us to struggle to remember information.

It comes without argument that memory plays an important role in our lives. If our memory wanes, we suffer immediate consequences. In this article, we will discuss with seniors not to remember specific tasks, events and everyday situations. If seniors put this advice to good use, it could improve their memory.

20 easy ways to boost your memory

If you are a senior, here are 20 ways to enhance your memory. If you are a caregiver, then you should try to practice these memory boosting tips to your loved ones.

1. Calendar – Get a decent sized calendar and instruct seniors to look at it throughout the day and see what is written. If they are unable to do this, you will need to write everything down and help them remember what they need to do.

If you place the calendar next to their bed or other area where they spend a significant amount of time, it forces them to look at it every day, and remember what they need to do.

2. Wine – Did you know that drinking wine in moderation is another way to increase your memory? One of the main ingredients in wine is resveratrol. Resveratrol is responsible for strengthening the brain, which can offset degenerative conditions in the brain.

3. Eat well – Eating the right foods can keep your brain healthy and increase your memory. Contact a nutritionist or ask your doctor which foods are best to help seniors enhance their memory.

4. Teach – Seniors who teach others help to enhance their memories. After living long lives, most seniors specialize in something. To keep your knowledge active for future seniors, give senior citizens time to pass on their knowledge.

5. Socialization – When seniors remain socially active, they are less likely to feel stress or depression. This is more the case when they are with family members. Always visit your senior loved ones, and make them feel a part of your life.

6. Repeat Information – Some seniors react to repeat the information that needs to be completed. For example, if they need to go to a doctor’s appointment at a particular time of day, they can repeat that information out loud or silently to help them remember themselves.

7. Exercise – Exercise is a way to increase the blood flow in our body. The brain produces an average of 15% of our body’s blood flow. Exercise keeps the blood flowing. So, help your elderly loved ones to get out and walk or do other physical exercises that benefit the entire body, including their brain.

8. Video games – Video games are not just for children. Repetitive movements help with reasoning and memory in the elderly. Find some games that are easy to use for them, and see how it changes their mind and brings a smile to their face.

9. Yoga and Meditation – These are the two disciplines that remove stress and help to relax. Therefore, they are also ways to boost one’s memory. Senior citizens can benefit from these, and yoga also helps in strengthening their body.

10. Confidence – Some seniors lose their confidence as they age. They do not feel as well as they once had in their body, so they begin to self-doubt. 

11. Organize – If superiors don’t have a lot of clutter to go through to find things, it’s easy to remember where something is. If seniors place their house keys on a hook near the door each day, they will always remember where they are.

12. Preferred Sessions – People process information in different ways. Therefore, in various ways we like to use our senses which help us to learn. Some people are visual learners and need to see information in front of them. Others rely on their auditory senses to process data through what they hear. Find out how your loved ones process the best information, and help increase their memory.

13. Remember Names – When seniors try to remember the names of the people they meet, they can develop a system that helps them to associate something with each name. For example, if a woman’s name is Mary, senior people may associate her name with the Holy Mother Mary.

14. Ginkgo – We have already discussed how exercise increases blood flow to the brain, which helps the brain. Ginkgo biloba is a natural supplement that increases blood flow. It is known to help with dementia sufferers, and may be an alternative way of helping seniors boost their memory.

15. Less alcohol – When you consume less alcohol, you literally save the amount of brain cells that you have. Too much alcohol can cause temporary or permanent loss of memory.

16. Voice messages – Create voice messages that your loved ones can play back on their computer or cell phone. This helps them to remember that information by listening again. Sometimes, just a quick reminder is all that the elders need to boost their memories.

17. Stop stress – Constant stress can destroy brain cells. It is necessary to teach seniors how to reduce stress or keep them in an environment where there are fewer reasons for stress to subside.

18. Sleep – A peaceful night’s sleep is another way to help seniors stay productive throughout the day. How can the brain process more information if it is always tired? A resting brain is a more active one.

19. Prevent Deflection – If seniors can block out of being distracted, they have a better chance of retaining information.

20. Use it – If seniors do not use their memory daily, they are almost sure to start forgetting important tasks or information. Make sure they engage in activities that give their brains a mental workout. Whether they like reading, teaching others, working on crosswords, or playing chess, it is important that they continue to do something they love.


You have 20 different ways to increase your memory. These are simple tips that can have a lasting effect on your loved one’s memory and mental health.



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