6 Effective Ways of Straightening Your Teeth

There are many ways to straighten teeth. Some are more complex than others, depending on the extent of teeth misalignment.  It is important that you also consider other factors such as cost and convenience before finally making a decision.

Below are some effective ways to straighten teeth.

1. linguistic braces

These are braces that are similar to metallic braces. The only difference is that they are applied behind the teeth. They are customized for each person, and the advantage of this type of braces is that they are positioned backwards, so they are not externally visible. However, they can cause some discomfort on the tongue as well as speech impediments.

2. Traditional Metal Braces

There are braces made of metal and some rubber bands. They are placed in front of the teeth and align the teeth by applying constant pressure on them. They may initially cause some discomfort but you will eventually adapt to the feeling of having them in your mouth.

3. Invisible aligners

These are clear, plastic alignments that are customized to fit your teeth perfectly. They are comfortable and pain free. They are removable, so whenever you need to feed, you can keep them separate. One advantage of this method of straightening teeth is the presence. They are made of clear, soft plastic that is not clearly visible on the teeth. You can do more research about invasive dentistry to get comprehensive information.

4. retainer

These are usually installed after using braces for some time, or after surgery. Retainers are made of metal and plastic and are also removable. They help close the gaps between teeth.

5. Veneer

These are thin layers that the dentist places over the teeth. You cannot use veneers to correct misalignment. They are mostly used for minor improvements. They are also used to hide torn or crooked teeth. If you do not need any major improvements then these can be useful for you.

6. Surgery

This method of straightening teeth is used in extreme cases where other methods have failed. If you want very quick results, you can choose to have surgery. However, surgery should not be used as the first choice. This should really be the last resort. After the surgical procedure is complete you should make sure to visit your dentist regularly.

The most appropriate method of straightening teeth for you depends on the results you desire as well as the kind of alignment you need to do. The end result should give you value for your money


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